Sheree Hong

Sheree Hong (Content Creator – SEO Copywriter)

Sheree Hong is a content creator and a SEO copywriter. She has helped to write for SA Magazine, one of the leading Architectural magazines in Singapore.

The power of copy writing should never be underestimated. Having your ideas presented in a language that is clear, concise and enticing to convince and convert for an effective website is of the essence.

Sheree has a Bachelors of Arts (Architecture) & Masters Degree in Architecture, graduating from The National University of Singapore.

She was working for one of the renowned architectural firms in Singapore and being involved in the running and coordination of multimillion dollar projects before pursuing her interest in internet marketing.

This has honed her skills in the understanding of people’s perspectives and through the power of copy writing encapsulate the creation of mental images that vividly projects and expresses the benefits of a product or service, entice the reader to take action or persuade to a pre-defined point of view.