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Protect Your Branding Online: The DIY Way

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Business brand needs to be protected from people who had bad experiences from using your services or products. It’s easy to spread fire than building a house, when someone had bad experience with your business. Branding can also be someone’s name, it need not be just a business, or organization name.

I have seen so much people trying to make their mark by offering great services or products, but maybe it’s because of their customer service that did not meet the standard, mouth will talk and online world is just the same, and it’s way worst and faster than offline world.

How to protect my business from this negative feedback?

First, before you even really make the business big, you should be optimizing your brand name online. Occupying at least the first page of the search result using your brand name as keyword. The solution is quite simple, but it take some effort to do this. If your brand name is “Amazon”, you can forget about optimizing your brand name. This solution is for new brands that were unheard of like us “

1) Get 9 other different websites build, it can be free or paid. For free, you can try,,,,, etc…

2) Create content that circles around the brand, services and products you sell. For example, the article can be “My review on (brand, services and products)”. Focus on writing at least 10 articles talking about the brand name first, then concentrate on the product name and service name.

3) Keyword in title. Make sure that the title has at least your business brand, name of service and name of product you sell. This is to make sure that it’s easily search online, telling the search engine what your content is all about..

4) Set up social media platform for your business. Platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, or FourSquare are great platforms to be rank easily for your business. You can do relationship selling to your followers using these platforms too, which will increase sales.

A true Singapore story…..

Few years ago, there was a well known Internet marketer who specializes in Ebay marketing, he proclaimed that he made a certain amount of money yearly by selling through Ebay. So he have Ebay marketing courses for those who wants to learn market through Ebay. He too sold packages of setting up websites that are great for Ebay marketing.

Horror stories starts…..

His students were not able to profit (in terms of money) from Ebay, and the website packages were not delivered to the people who paid for it. These website packages were not cheap by the way. One of the students who knew SEO, setups a website revolves around the Ebay Internet marketer, by buying the marketer’s name with a scam at the end. The domain name looks something like this, “www.Marketer’”. It’s now ranking at the top of the search engines whenever I type the marketer’s name.

You can now see that the Internet can be a double-edged sword if you are not careful in the way you handle your business with clients. Clients can be your savior or they can be your worst nightmare if you did a disservice to them. With the above ways, your business will be protected from bad mouthing from the public.